Our #Take2Minutes campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram massively outperformed the previous broadcast-led campaign. We increased the number of Scots on the Organ Donor Register by a whopping 68,495 - a fourfold increase in registrations achieved the previous year. Multiple gold awards followed but best of all, our Mum in the film got a new kidney.


A pan-European campaign to launch VELUX’s brand new white painted roof windows – a best in class product to meet a growing demand for more white in people’s homes.


An eye catching 30 second film launched our campaign, backed by online ads, PR, radio and a reward programme for installers.


The first three months of the campaign included the highest sales month in the company's history. And overall sales of white painted grew by 52% - a record level.


Stoats took over the sponsorship of this famous event, and used the offical Hogmanay programme, press ads, landing page, emails and outdoor screens in Princes St and at the Concert in The Gardens to promote the day and build their brand. 


There was an 80% increase in visitors to the Stoats website, their database grew by over 80% and product sales over the Festive period increased by over 20%.

And the campaign took home Gold at the Marketing Star Awards.


To reduce the purchase of alcohol for under 18s in Scotland I helped create a campign for the Scottish Government that was tested in North Lanarkshire.


At the end of the trial period, street drinking offences were down by 20%, violent crime was down by 30% and the work was officially recognised by Police Scotland as being "the project that made the greatest contribution to policing priorities". The ‘You’re Asking For It’ campaign was subsequently picked up by other police authorites across Scotland.


I helped create VisitScotland's most successful ever campaign.


Our direct mail activity, promoting every region, drove responses up by 20% - and that helped deliver an incremental tourism value of £185 million per annum. 

A brilliant moment for our tourism industry.


I helped create Bowtime - the online home of under-appreciated grafters everywhere who thoroughly deserved their Strongbow. Through highly targeted press ads, emails and texts, we built up a loyal fan base who were rewarded with offers, promotions and giveaways.


Connect Awards – Best Use of Emerging Digital Channel in CRM. Institute of Sales Promotion – Best use of Targeted Digital Promotions and Alcoholc drinks. Festival of Media – Best use of Mobile. NMA awards – Best Use of Mobile.

Hearts FC

In (another) period of turmoil for the club, it looked like they'd have to leave their ground for good. An emotional campaign saw 11,000 season tickets sold - ​a 30% increase on the previous year. Direct mail and radio appealed to the fans who in return showed incredible support for the club.

​"There is unprecedented interest in the club at all levels. We passed the news on ticket sales to the players this morning and there was a round of applause when they heard that we'd broken through the 10,000 barrier.”

 Hearts Chief Executive Phil Anderton


Giving Business Stream's icon a makeover gave them their most successful campaign ever.

Over 4000 new business customers signed up to an incredible £30m worth of contracts.